In pinq , they provide you with the thinnest panty liners present all over India . This brand promises to provide you with the high end cotton sanitary pads and panty liners according to your need.

The brand claims the panty liners to be 99.9% rash free , anti- allergen and cotton soft.

The pads come in designer reusable pouches and in trendy designer boxes too ❤️

The most important thing about panty liners is they are so thin and soft , that they are  convinient even if you tend to use them daily !! 

The sanitary napkins come with gel technology , that 
would make sure you have no leakages and the blood gets locked easily 💯

You can chose the sizes according to your need and flow pattern i.e. xl and xxl pads.

Both pads and liners come in disposable designer pouches which take you out from the discomfort of carrying pads in actual packets and make it highly user friendly.

The qulaity of the products is topnotch and so suitable for the daily use ! 


1. Those days box (helpful for the days of your period)

2. Every day box ( for the day to day usage) 

3. Bulk me box (for the ease of day to day ordering)

4. Buffet box (provides with monthly essentials and pads)

You can order your box on :